The Deputy of Norilsk, who has lost a son because of the coronavirus, called for a

Deputy of the city Council of Norilsk and the children’s Ombudsman of the municipality Natalya Plotnikova, who lost her son due to the coronavirus, from “Coveney zone” the local hospital has recorded a video message to the Governor of Krasnoyarsk region Alexander USS with an appeal to return authority for health at the local level. The transcript of the appeal of Natalia Plotnikova leads “”.

“I want to speak directly to the USS. I have to say from the “red zone”, what is the collapse of the diseases. The reason my son died, lies in the relationship of regional medicine and medicine of Norilsk. I am convinced that I am right did not vote at the time of the transfer of our medicine in the region. The results are there. We have no means, no money, no equipment,” — said the Deputy.

“How did it happen that we have in the city in Avignon hospital no CT? Sick people without oxygen carry on “ambulance” on the commercial CT. This is the first and main camera, which shows pneumonia. My son’s x-rays revealed [pneumonia], and my husband — no. Had to be at least two CT apparatus”, — said Natalia Plotnikova.

She pointed out that if medicine were municipal, “we would be able to pick up their funding and to remove those blemishes, which are today”. According to the Deputy, in the city there is a “lack of basic primary things: CT scans, suction, drugs! There’s no morphine! People are without morphine on a ventilator”.

“the Care my son untied me hands. Can’t hide what I see. Want to help Norilsk. Want they are not sitting with a temperature of 38 at home when there are no places in hospitals. And if there are, then there is no one to treat. I don’t know what you report to your Commission, I am telling you. People are sent home to be treated until they stop breathing,” said the woman, pterava son.

She urged the Governor to pay attention to the supply of drugs and equipment in hospitals by doctors. “Make a law to delegate authority to the city. Believe me, it will benefit those for whom the medicine is working”, — concluded the Deputy Natalia Plotnikova.

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