The Deputy of St. Petersburg: Now the garbage processing plant to build next to the house

Deputy of Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Irina Ivanova criticized the draft law on public hearings during a pandemic. The MP shared his opinion with the correspondent of “Rosbalt”.

She recalled that on 15 July, city lawmakers voted for changes to the laws on urban development activities. The amendments will allow for public comment for a period of high alert in an online format.

“In September will be considered the master plan, in fact, the main document that will be built in front of our house. All I wonder whether the seal construction, some social objects, as we will have to develop infrastructure, the same green spaces. In the end, the Smolny somehow decided that a public hearing will be conducted in person, on the ground and online. Why? This can be compared with the same distance learning, which showed the effectiveness”, — said Ivanov.

According to her, the bill was lobbied in the interests of power, which will be able to “carry out the idea of construction of a garbage plant at least close to home”. Because it was possible to find spacious rooms to gather and discuss urban issues, he added.

“I fear that it may become not only a temporary for the period of the pandemic. And because the General plan applies not only to us but also our children, our grandchildren,” protested Ivanova.

Recall from the criticism of the new format of the hearings was the Deputy Boris Vishnevsky. He stated that the online mode will allow to create conditions for fraud, and public discussion on urban planning now will not. The authorities may declare a high alert mode when you want to control this process it is impossible, said the MP.

Add the bill addresses issues of citizen participation in the discussion of rules of land tenure and building of St. Petersburg, plan onsiteRII of the city, issuing permits for land use and other planning decisions. While this takes place head to a public hearing where citizens Express their opinions.

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