The Deputy of the city Duma told about the resumption of the capital's network of Bicycle

City bike rental from June 1 became available for all users, whereas before they could only use couriers and volunteers. This was announced by the Deputy of the Moscow city Duma Maria Kiseleva, adding that for couriers and volunteers of the Bicycle in the capital remains free.

According to her, for all the rest of the rental bikes will be paid, but the prices are from last season has not changed. Kiselyov said that this year expects a surge in popularity of the Bicycle, which was last year. “In Moscow has become quite a number of places, parks where you can ride,” he added.

She also reiterated that for Cycling you need a digital pass. “At the start of the lease it is, of course, no you will not be asked, but if stopped a cyclist and asked a pass, but it is not, then fine, of course, is necessary”, — said the Deputy.

it is Reported that this season in Moscow, the townspeople will be about 6 thousand bikes, both conventional and electric.

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