The Deputy of the state Duma: FSB forbidden to talk about torture

New restrictions concerning employees of FSB will allow security authorities to hide from the public unpleasant information about its activities. Such opinion as the correspondent “of Rosbalt” was expressed by the Deputy of the state Duma from LDPR Sergey Ivanov in connection with the adoption by the state Duma in the first reading a bill banning current and former employees of the FSB to extend the “professional information”.

“And if the FSB decides that the employee should not say that they (security agencies — approx. ed.) were tortured, for example, remand prisoners? But we have prohibited torture — and what to do to this person?” asked Ivanov.

the MP expressed bewilderment in connection with the introduction of new restrictions. “The new rules are aimed to ensure that people are not told about are impartial and prohibited by the Constitution of things”, — said Ivanov.

the Bill proposes to Supplement article 7 of the Federal law “About Federal security service” provision, under which current and ex-employees of the FSB are obliged to respect the confidentiality of information about the activities of the security authorities, not containing information constituting a state or official secret, the disclosure of which may endanger their own safety security authorities or to harm their reputation.

Prepared for the open publication of informational materials concerning activities of security bodies, will be subject to expert evaluation bodies to examine these materials in the presence or absence of the specified information and present the author with an appropriate conclusion.

a List of such information, and the order of the examination (assessment) of these materials to determine the presence (absence) in them of relevant information will be determined by the Director of the FSB. In order to prevent security threats publication (placement, disostranenie) informational materials concerning activities of security bodies, without proper conclusion is not allowed, the document says.

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