The Deputy on the constitutional

In the may decree of Vladimir Putin in 2018 changed the wording of the goals on increase of pensions of Russians. Now the document is “growth in the level of pensions above inflation,” a rise “, not lower inflation.” The Deputy of St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky told the correspondent of “Rosbalt” that this was to be expected.

“the Constitution just picked up and reproduced one to one norm of the law that pensions should be indexed not below inflation — in this respect they did not add anything. In addition, everything that is written in the Constitution, is in conformity with the law — and the government can “break” this law, which wants. May adopt such by which indexation is frozen,” explained Wisniewski.

the Deputy noted that the Constitution about inflation did not say anything, but the law is just about to annual indexation. This means that, equating the indexation to inflation possible to get zero growth of pensions.

“all these promises in 2018 it was a hoax from the beginning, as well as with the minimum wage, which was supposed to not be below the subsistence level. After all, the norm for 20 years was prescribed in the Labour code, and the problem is only one — low subsistence level. Respected and pensioners have been thinking when they voted for the Constitution and the President — he saw that for many years the indexation freeze that pension savings are withdrawn… it had absolutely nothing to understand to fall for it” — summed up the MP.

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