The Deputy refused to print on t-shirt that says

Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Petersburg Boris Vishnevsky ordered copycentre t-shirt with print “I am against zeroing”. Two days later, the MP refused to fulfill the order.

“First explained that it supposedly agitation and print it. Explained that there are no restrictions on campaigning during the current grooveternal procedure does not exist. After that, the hypothesis has changed, and I was told that “our company policy does not allow you to print anything against public voting,” — said Wisniewski in social networks.

the Deputy studied the website copycenter and found no restrictions on printing (except what is explicitly prohibited by law), it does not say.

“no law prohibits a sign on a t-shirt. There is, in my opinion, discrimination on political grounds,” — said the MP.

He believes that the cause of action of the organization is “the fear to spoil relations with the authorities”.

Boris Vishnevsky said that he intends to apply to the Prosecutor, and a t-shirt to draw plans for themselves.

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