Always rich in proposals, always more amazing inventions, this is the goal of the Design Parade, which will be the edition 2019 proposes a contest of interior architecture at Toulon, in the ancient bishop’s palace (until 24 November) and another design in Hyères, at the famous Villa Noailles (until 29 September). If other events are coming to join them, it is because this event has become, over the years, a seething wasteland of revelations and a formidable place of exchange for lovers of the same discipline. The free spirit, it comes to draw ideas, take the trend of the future, to meet young talents, in joyful excitement.

“Step”, the proposed instruments of music collectives, Gregory Granados. JPPM_Luc Bertrand

Headed by the dynamic Jean-Pierre White firm battle to find sponsors, the event which has become a reference standard is rising yet another notch with the arrival of the Centre Pompidou. It comes to commit to three successive exposures. And it is a guarantee …

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