The next massive hurdle is ready already: by 2020, an average limit of 95 grams of CO2 per km for the entire fleet of a car manufacturer is in the EU. And from this value, VW, Daimler and co. are still miles far away.

corporations threaten Billions

Currently, the average car sold on the German market launch, according to the management consultancy Horváth & Partners yet more than 127 grams per kilometre. In case of Exceeding sensitive penalties in the billions and a bad image damage from 2021. To prevent

the debacle is only, if it is possible to find the optimal Verkaufsmix from electric, Plug-in-CO2 limit values as a new hurdle, Hybrid and internal combustion engine vehicles. However, for the implementation of the necessary control systems are missing in many corporations, according to the experts.

driving bans in Germany: In these cities, Diesel is no longer allowed to drive.

electric and Hybrid cars need more

The strict limits set by 2030 to 35 percent, according to the expert, even with relatively clean combustion engines simply unattainable. to be promoted For the classification of: A CO2 emissions of 95 g/km corresponds to a fuel consumption of 4.1 litres or 3.6 litres in a Diesel. “This is not purely create with internal combustion engines,” says the car expert of the consulting company, Dr. Dietmar Voggenreiter.

in Order to control the demand, to promote the sales of battery vehicles and Plug-in hybrids in the best way possible, “to sensitive discounts,” Voggenreiter. The sales potential for the eco-cars but is still limited because, until now, an electric or hybrid car will not come for many buyers, even out of the question.

Especially the German car companies, with their high proportion of a high-powered premium vehicles threaten according to estimates by the experts because of the limits even without penalty loss. Finally, the margins in the case of vehicles with alternative drive systems due to high development and material costs are significantly lower than conventional models. Strategically deliberate, sinking paragraphs in the case of particularly expensive Burners such as SUVs and sedans would reduce the margin.

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control to the paragraph, The new CO2 figures and CO2 – limit values

“limit values can not lead to the ruin of the result of the car manufacturers, if you keep up with intelligent distribution control, however,” predicts Voggenreiter. To do this, but had to first determine each manufacturer for the optimum sales Mix and the resulting concrete sales targets for each type of vehicle to the car dealers inside.

The actual sales of the various models and types of drives should be according to their respective CO2 balance in quasi real time and in Relation to each other. If limit values are exceeded, must as soon as possible with sales and marketing activities against be controlled. “For sales and Controlling the control numbers according to paragraph, and CO2 – limit values for a new challenge,” says the car expert. It will be interesting to see whether the industry is up to the challenge.

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Rudolf Huber/MID