The Director of recruitment agencies: Migrants will return, and the Russians will be left without work

because of the crisis employers are not able to provide decent working conditions to the Russians, so the market for unskilled labour will continue to attract migrants, the Director of the recruitment Agency “Diamond-personnel” Irina of Dardania.

In her opinion, the outflow of migrant workers stops, and after a pandemic will return. Will affect this policy of the Kremlin, interested in attracting migrants in the context of low fertility and the move of Russians abroad, the expert added.

“Our citizens don’t want to go on low wages. Employers to blame it not: the tax has not been canceled, other payments, and that the result is obvious. As they say, the tops cannot, bottoms do not want”, — said Darjania in conversation with the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

According to her, in the end position in the market of unskilled labor is migrants who are the low fees seem more attractive than the Russians. This helps to maintain wages at a low level, which creates a “Domino effect” in the related professional fields, and unemployment among citizens is not reduced, said the interviewee. She added that after the pandemic, the situation will only grow worse.

All the statements of the Director of recruitment Agency read soon in the “Rosbalt” about the situation of migrants in the labour market and prospects.

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