The Director said he is waiting for the theaters in the fall

the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation said that the theatres in the country to open in September, and viewers will be placed in a checkerboard pattern. This will affect the revenues of the theatres, as well as the fact that most of the audience will be afraid to attend performances. This was expressed in conversation with the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, St. Petersburg, Director Roman Smirnov.

“whatever initiatives officials have not offered, people will go to theatres with great caution, the flow is greatly reduced. Of course, I would like to hope for the best, but is likely to be so. Besides, I’m not sure that in September, the theatres will be open — there is much talk about the second and third waves of the pandemic. Everything is unpredictable,” said the Director.

According to Smirnov, even if the theaters start to work, each needs an individual approach and not the generic requirements in the form of a checkerboard distribution.

“the Theatres we are different, there are rooms for 100 people, there are 1,500. It is impossible to impose universal rules. But historically we have adopted a General Directive from the top down…,” added the Director.

we will Remind, earlier the Minister of culture Olga Lubimova reported that theaters in Russia will be open until September, and tickets will be sold for seats in a staggered manner. She said that in the regions with a harsh climate age attendant should not exceed 60 years, the staff in the halls — 65.

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