“The difficulties of access to the rooms are real” regretted this morning Bertrand Thamin the new director of the union of private theatres in paris, the successor of Bernard Murat. Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris has had to have their ears whistling. “There has been a slowdown in the attendance of the Parisian was observed Laurent Bentata, managing director of Stage Entertainment France, which presides over the Mogador theatre.There are less people during the week compared to Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and more and more who arrive late and attack sometimes the staff. It would be necessary to carry out together a reflection back from the ile-de-france in the theatres of the capital.”

most of The managers of halls have protested against the work being undertaken across the capital, the lane closure on the banks, and the reduction of parking spaces, and even their almost non-existent… not to mention the protests of the “yellow vests” which, since November 17, 2018, have forced the managers of halls to cancel several performances.

“Paris is increasingly leaky, the ile-de-france already have the merit of coming to the theatre by car and pay for a place to park”

Stéphane Hillel, co-director of the Théâtre de Paris

The balance sheet, however, is not so black, quality parts attracting the world: “The first quarter of 2019 is better than the first quarter of 2018 from the point of view of the revenue of ticket sales, with an improvement of more than 3 % in Paris and 5% in the regions. In Paris, the number of performances and the number of admissions, a slight decline of less than 1%” reports the “note” distributed to journalists by the association for the support of the private theatre (ASTP).

This last has referred to possible solutions as to find agreements with the Columns, Morris, operated by JCDecaux, partnerships with taxi companies or co-productions with the public theatre and the municipalities. “We are cut off from a customer who no longer wants to take the public transport to 23 hours,”says Bertrand Thamin. “There are two issues, arrive on time and the safety to return,” adds Laurent Bentata.

“Paris is increasingly leaky, the ile-de-france already have the merit of coming to the theatre by car and pay for a place to park” underlined Stéphane Hillel, co-director of the Paris Theatre. The public transport did not follow, we ask us to play earlier or later, to propose schedules differentiated. It is a puzzle. The habits of the viewer change, fifteen years ago, Saturday morning was the most difficult to fill, today, it is the first to make the full.”

The relationship between public theater and private have also evolved. “Little by little, the performances of private theatres are taken over by public theaters” felt Arthur Jugnot to the head of the Rams, in Paris and Avignon. But, this remains exceptional. “People ask us why we did not come to play for them, it is not we who do not want”, said Sébastien Azzopardi at the origin of the triumphant Edmond Alexis Michalik still showing this summer at the Théâtre du Palais royal. One of the few examples is the It will go (1) End-of-Louis Joel his plays given at the Theatre Nanterre Amandiers, and programmed to the Porte Saint-Martin. And Laurent Bentata concluded: “The emotion is the same in the public and private sectors.” There is no better way to say it.