It was the capital of an empire seven times larger than Austria at present. That of the dynasty of Habsburg, who preferred Prague, and made it the jewel of their power. For Mozart, Beethoven,

Schubert, Strauss, Brahms, Mahler, Vienna was the paradise and the hell, the town, which promises, that adult, that gave. Sissi tried to flee, Freud, analyse, Stefan Zweig to describe the atmosphere.

1918 swept away the austro-Hungarian Empire in the gusts of history and lives to die Gustav Klimt, a painter great Secession.

A century later, Le Figaro Hors-série back on this world yesterday, which continues to dazzle, a fantastic promenade, historical, architectural, musical and literary, aided by a dazzling iconography.

summary – Go on the footsteps of the Third Man, discover the life of castle Schönbrunn, the dazzling Spanish riding School, the unusual Academy of medicine of Joseph II, the art collections of the Habsburgs. Vibrate to the rhythm of waltzes from Vienna and the sound of the orchestra of the opera house.

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