The district ambulance in St. Petersburg COVID-19 infected 20% of physicians

the St. Petersburg regional ambulance coronavirus infected 20% of physicians. About it on air of TV channel “Saint Petersburg”, said the head of the Department for organization of outpatient medical care cosgrave Larysa Soloviova.

According to her, in particular, due to the coronavirus medical ambulance began to arrive with the delay.

“there is a Delay, I must admit, in teams of about 20% of physicians sick — and only in the regions 314 of the teams. But when the ambulance waited a few days, we do not know. Day — also not the case, some mix of planned stuff with the emergency,” — said Solovyov.

She said that the recommended time it takes an ambulance in case of urgent conditions — stroke, heart attack — less than 20 minutes. Such calls are considered an emergency and a priority. The rest of the call — urgent, concerning the symptoms of SARS, is given up to two hours. Approval Solovieva, 85% of calls at this time fit.

“Very much time-consuming covenyi patients, especially when taking them for a CT scan. It’s a long call, a paramedic ambulance should await the outcome of the procedure and decide on the person to be hospitalized or to return home,” she added.

Earlier, the “Rosbalt” was told in St. Petersburg to go for a CT scan.

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