Let’s be honest, the problem of the empty chairs at the head of major cultural institutions is endemic. But since the arrival of Emmanuel Macron, who holds the reins short the sector, a cap has been spent in the malfunctions. “The power of appointment is a power box. The president of the Republic does not want to let go, especially on land that he has invested heavily with his wife, Brigitte,” said a senior official.

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Wanting to have the last word on the recruitment of patrons of museums or institutions, wishing to profiles “disruptive”, such as that of the Belgian Chris Dercon at the Grand Palais, the president of the Republic arrives to seize the machine of the appointments. Especially as his entourage, according to several testimonies, does not help with the fluidity of the decisions. For 18 months, Françoise Nyssen has learned to his cost. It has been bogged down in a basket of recruitment …

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