The doctor called in the pandemic to take a cold shower

a Cold shower strengthens the immune system and protects the body from diseases, including coronavirus. The opinion was expressed by head of the Department of normal physiology Institute of clinical medicine. Sklifosovsky sechenovskiy University Alexei Unruhen.

He also said, for whom a cold shower can be dangerous. The MD explained that, in General, a cold shower mobilizes, trains the body, increases resistance to bacteria and viruses.

He advises to take a cold shower not only in the period off the hot water, but the rest of the time during the year. The doctor added that the duration of the process should be determined individually depending on the condition of the body.

Unruhen warned that a cold shower is contraindicated in the presence of disease or severe stress. As informs Agency “Moscow”, it is recommended that people with disabilities and health problems to consult a doctor and “to work on this issue individually”.

Just today in Russia revealed 661 165 thousand cases of coronavirus in 85 regions.

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