The doctor called the category of people for whom dangerous record low atmospheric pressure

In Moscow, Wednesday, July 15, is expected to a record low atmospheric pressure. In this regard, the doctor-the therapist Natalia Urazova advises citizens as often as possible to measure blood pressure. Especially to monitor the health of the medic recommends that people with disorders of the cardiovascular system.

Also the candidate of medical Sciences in an interview to “Moscow 24” urged to do measurements with a sphygmomanometer in the presence of symptoms such as discomfort in the head, headache, and shortness of breath.

According to Urazovo, people are exposed to fluctuations in blood pressure, it is necessary not to forget to take medications prescribed by the doctor, and at a very low atmospheric pressure — regulating their intake.

in addition, the doctor advises high blood pressure at a pressure of 110 over 70 skip the medication, reducing blood pressure, and hypotensive with a similar indicator to take a drug that increases the pressure or drink coffee.

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