The doctor called the four main causes of eating disorders in the summer

the Doctor-gastroenterologist Alex Golovenko told about the most common causes of eating disorders in the summer.

the First of these, according to him, are unwashed or poorly washed vegetables and fruits. The physician explained that such foods contain bacteria, viruses that can attack the intestines.

the Second cause eating disorders specialist believes excessive consumption of vegetables and fruits. Golovenko in the program “About the main thing” explained that “it is fiber, which acts as a laxative”.

Unusual food in the holiday period, according to the doctor, is the third common reason for eating disorders. “Our bacteria are adapted to the environment in which we live. In a new place has its own microcosm to which we are not accustomed,” said the expert, adding that spoiled food can lead to toxic infection and are the fourth most common cause eating disorders.

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