The doctor called with heart-healthy vitamin

an Important role in the prevention heart health and blood vessels of the person plays a vitamin D, told in Instagram a cardiologist and a therapist Irina Muradyan.

Italian scientists Made analysis of the research during 2007-2013 showed that in 25 out of 32 of these papers identified a relationship between low levels of vitamin and increased risk of developing hypertension. Another research work of Western specialists who studied data on the health 16603 men and women over 18 years showed that individuals with very low vitamin-D levels more often had myocardial infarction and stroke.

“vitamin D Deficiency is considered a nonclassical risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and may be one component of a comprehensive approach in the prevention and treatment of hypertension,” wrote Muradyan.

She noted that it is important to know the level of this vitamin in the body. If there is a shortage, it is necessary to go to the doctor and find a regimen of dietary supplements.

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