The doctor explained the lack of a

hospital Patient in Kstovo Nizhny Novgorod region spoke about the calling issues regulation of security in the work of the Department for the treatment of patients with coronavirus. The doctor on duty explained to him that the hospital “this procedure”, but generally “there are no healthy people”.

As the news Agency “Lower now”, on the eve of the social network there was video of the conversation between the patient Kstovskiy hospital with the doctor on duty. The patient said that in this institution the patients with coronavirus are located on the 4th floor of the hospital, but continue to work and other offices. The doctors in anti-plague suits down the Elevator to the floors where the patients ‘ rooms are not cov that pass through the corridors, including past the kitchen and the issuing of tablets. According to the patient, the raw spectactular doctors do only emergency exit in a neurological ward, where the sick are without coronavirus and leave the clothes right on the floor by the back door. Moreover, the same emergency exit, said the witness, are sick of the neurological Department to go to the bathroom.

the Patient decided to ask about it passing by the doctor on duty, who was also in costume. On the question of lying on the floor threat suits the doctor said that the only nurse left, and these functions, in addition to other duties performed by a nurse. The doctor explained that “we are also here run…one dies, the third bad.” “I’m to sick I can’t walk, who complain, not that the duck be removed,” — said the doctor on duty.

the question about the reasons for which doctors in your costumes go for a “clean” offices, the doctor replied, “we have such a right.” When the patient protested, Doc explained: “you see, there are no healthy people. What you are considered here not positive…”.

“I can’t answer these questions because I am asking them. I the bowlrny doctor. Now I was in the waiting room and took the patient with coronavirus infection. Now I’m going to you about your complaints, then I go to the fourth floor. We are all so go, Yes. I can’t say anything,” said the doctor.

Local and Federal mass media were sent to the regional Ministry of health requests, but the answers are not yet published.

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