The doctor explained why we should not conduct self-test for coronavirus

In St. Petersburg, some private clinics offer to patients with suspected COVID-19 to take the analysis of the biomaterial, taken on their own. Such services should be abandoned, said chief freelance in the TV channel “Petersburg” specialist in clinical laboratory diagnostics of St. Petersburg cosgrave Andrey Ivanov.

“the Correctness of the procedure for the selection of the biomaterial plays a key role in determining the accuracy of the result. Very often even the experts incorrectly sampled. That is why the format of the self-test to qualitatively select the material impossible, it is better to go to the doctors and not to buy any tests on the Internet,” said Andrey Ivanov.

Also, the specialist noted that, according to various estimates, in St. Petersburg antibodies to coronavirus infection have from 4% to 14% of the population.

“However, a final judgement on the proportion of such people is difficult, we are in the stage of detailed studying of the tests. Also it is hard to tell which antibodies are protective — studies are carried out in parallel with the test vaccine,” said Andrey Ivanov.

According to him, since the beginning of the pandemic in the city spent more than a million tests on COVID-19. Analysis takes 42 laboratory: two of them belong to structures of the CPS and 21 urban hospitals, 10 — the Federal health facilities and 9 private clinics.

the head of the Department on organization of outpatient medical care of St. Petersburg health Committee Larysa Soloviova also added that the negative result the patient will know within two days, and positive within three days.

Recall from the beginning of the pandemic in the Northern capital was 23954 cases of coronavirus. Of these, 17 056 recovered, 1 105 died.

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