The doctor gave advice on how to overcome sleepiness at work

Russians have taught simple methods of getting rid of sleepiness at work.

At the same time researcher of the faculty of fundamental medicine, Department of age-associated diseases, Moscow state University Zuhra Pavlov called drinking large amounts of coffee and energy drinks with the aim to cheer up a bad decision.

In an interview with radio Sputnik, the candidate of medical Sciences also warned against a contrast shower in such situations is fraught with problems with the adrenal glands.

If a person falls asleep at work is, as explained by Pavlov that means that his body is not rested. In this case, you need to establish the cause of lack of sleep. For example, a person could either stay up late or snored and slept intermittently.

To combat sleepiness at work expert advice to improve sleep, go to sleep early. Specialist also recommends that a short jog or some exercise. “In a short period of time without harm to stimulate the body to increase the level of cortisol, reduce the stress level”, — concluded the scientist.

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