The doctor has warned of the danger of relaxing on the lawn in the Park

Relaxing on lawn in a city Park can result in serious health problems. This was reported by a physician-entomologist and senior research scientist Institute of ecology and evolution RAS Anatoly Zakharov.

According to him, sitting on the grass the man is bait for ticks, which carry many serious diseases, including encephalitis. “You do it at your own risk” — said the doctor of biological Sciences in an interview with radio Sputnik.

In this regard, the expert urged Russians not to lie down directly on the grass, and put in a cot or lawn chair. The physician also advises relaxing on the grass from time to time to check yourself for ticks.

in addition Zakharov said that the relaxation on the lawn can harm the person due to the fact that in some parks spray chemicals to get rid of harmful insects.

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