The doctor said that in some cases, a facial massage may be harmful

dermatologist Alex Eden talked about the pros and cons of facial.

In an interview to radio Sputnik he noted that in some cases the procedure is able to prevent the signs of aging, but sometimes can cause negative consequences. To avoid negative consequences, the medic advises to first determine what type is the aging process.

According to Eden massage benefits for people with static type, in which the sagging soft tissues. In this case, the procedure removes the excess fluid from the face. Patients with a deformation type of massage can help to tone the muscles of the face.

the Doctor warned that in the case of wrinkles and creases massage is not a solution to the problem. To overcome these defects, the expert advice or the hardware injection cosmetology.

Dermatologist also said that improper technique massage can stretch the skin. Also, it is not recommended if you have on face inflammation or allergic diseases.

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