The doctor told how to protect themselves when visiting a café in a pandemic

the visitors of the cafe before and after visiting the institution it is better to use different masks for protection against coronavirus. The opinion was expressed by the chief specialist of primary medical and sanitary aid to adult population destava of Moscow Andrey Tyazhelnikov.

It told how in the current reality to behave in order not to get COVID-19.

“While sitting in a cafe, unable to remove the mask, but it is necessary to observe social distance. If I sat at a table and took off the mask, for example, to drink coffee then it is advisable then to use the new” — said the medic, said the Agency “Moscow”.

According to Tyazhelnikova, the mask needs to be changed every two hours, and in the heat every 20-30 minutes due to the humidity.

the Expert also noted that to wash your hands before eating food in the cafe safer treatment antiseptic. The physician also recommends that you choose to visit a cafe where there are conditions for compliance with security measures because of the situation with coronavirus.

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