The doctor told me how dangerous traditional methods of treatment of burns

Folk remedies in the treatment of burns use is not worth it. This opinion was expressed by a pediatrician of Children’s hospital No. 1 Ilya Bogdanov, the TV channel “Saint-Petersburg”.

the Pediatrician said that as first aid one should not use the sour cream, egg and sunflower oil and these products often appear in folk the treatment of burns. According to Ilya Bogdanov, they cannot guarantee the sterility of the damaged portion of the skin, and at the same time can cause allergies. Also on the burn may form a film — it will only worsen the situation of tissue damage and make the healing process longer.

The best — put the burned area under cool running water — this will help reduce the depth and area of lesions. If the burn is strong, you should call an ambulance so the doctors put a sterile dressing and was taken to the emergency room. How the situation will develop, depends on the degree of the burn.

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