The doctor told me how easy it is to train your lungs

the Lungs are one of the main targets of coronavirus. About how to maintain their health and train to increase endurance, told the associate Professor of the Department of outpatient therapy of the medical faculty Russian national research medical University named after N. I. Pirogov Sergei Solovyov.

According to the specialist, to improve the functionality of the lungs by regular physical activity, positively affecting the respiratory muscles.

As noted, “arguments and facts” with reference to Sergei Solovyov, to train the lungs can doing exercise. This allows you to improve the airway, minimize fatigue and to get rid of shortness of breath. Healthy people can exercise for 60-90 minutes, and those who have breathing problems — 10-45 minutes. It is important to monitor your heartbeat and maximum oxygen consumption. Also not worth to engage to the point of exhaustion.

One of the types of useful activity of a doctor believes a bike ride or scooter. It is known that patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease a couple of hours of Biking per week reduces the risk by 30-40%.

will Also strengthen light walking, including Nordic. For a healthy person enough to walk 10 thousand steps a day, the elderly should also focus on the figures 5-6 thousand steps.

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