The doctor told me how quarantined to protect the liver

Chinese researchers have found that about half of the hospitalized with COVID-19 had liver problems. It is also known that physical inactivity, typical isolation, is a threat to this body. How to protect yourself, said in an interview with “Moskovsky Komsomolets” Lactuca Professor of the Moscow state medico-stomatological University. A. I. Evdokimova, Leonid Labeznik.

among the most common diseases of the liver Labeznik called non-alcoholic fatty disease or “metabolically associated fatty liver disease”, which, according to studies, can suffer up to half of Russians. “In Russia it is distributed alcoholic liver disease and chronic viral hepatitis, most commonly chronic hepatitis C and cholelithiasis,” said the doctor.

the number of anxiety symptoms the doctor called shortness of breath, weight gain, heaviness in the right hypochondrium and bitter taste in the mouth, yellowing of eye sclera and dry tongue.

the Main condition of treatment is diet: “limit fat, protein, meat and spicy foods and increase the amount of plant food in the diet”, minimizing alcohol consumption and no Smoking. It is important not to eat at night: the last meal is recommended no later than 18:00. A very important physical activity — walking around the apartment or in the yard (if the withdrawal takes place in the country), especially after a meal.

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