The doctor told me how the psychiatric evaluation could affect verdict Ephraim

the Psychiatrist Eugene Fomin commented on the likely direction of the actor Mikhail Yefremov staged a “drunk” road accident in Central Moscow, on psychological and psychiatric examination.

According to him, the disorder of Ephraim is quite obvious — alcoholism. The expert urged to consider not only the scandalous episodes involving Ephraim, described in the media. “In the media described only a few episodes, in fact, it is obvious that there were many more, — the expert believes.

Fomin in an interview with “Evening Moscow” said that the results of psychological-psychiatric examination are sent to the court and taken into account in sentencing. He expressed the opinion that “in sentencing the special role of the examination will not play”. The doctor acknowledged that “there are situations when a person may be justified by the disease.” “But this is not the case,” — said Fomin.

He said that in the case of alcoholism, “the patient persists the critic, he is aware of the disease and gives itself in it the report”.

Earlier today it became known that Ephraim can refer to psychological-psychiatric examination. Also in his criminal case can conduct a technical examination of his car.

a Terrible accident occurred on the evening of 8 June, when actor went on the Garden ring in Moscow into the oncoming lane and collided with a van. The driver of the van died in hospital.

Yefremov is currently under house arrest.

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