The doctor told me some fat on the human body is dangerous

body Fat on the human body can be the norm or a symptom of serious diseases. About the types of fat told endocrinologist Eugene Nazimova.

According to her words reported by “Arguments and facts”, in the body there are two kinds of fat — white and brown. Specialist said that white performs a supporting and protective function, preventing damage to tissues and organs, and brown — is responsible for thermoregulation, protects from cold and gives energy.

Endocrinologist explained that brown fat, usually located in healthy people in the neck, back, underarms, and around internal organs with active perfusion.

Visceral fat, white fat, which is located in the abdominal cavity around the organs, liver, pancreas, heart, intestine, can become a provocateur of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, said the doctor.

Nazimova was also told to get rid of harmful visceral fat — will help the sport, proper nutrition and a lack of laziness.

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