The doctor told me what diseases can cause the use of air conditioning

misuse of air conditioning can lead to serious health problems. About it on air of TV channel “Saint-Petersburg” said the doctor of higher category, candidate of medical Sciences Olga Krylova.

the Main danger among them, according to the physician, represents SARS. Also should be afraid of “Legionnaire’s disease”. It is caused by microorganisms that grow roots in the device if it is not time to clean. Therefore, it is necessary to take responsibility for cleaning the devices and to do this regularly.

the expert Also explained how to configure the mode of the air conditioner. The difference between the temperature indoors and outdoors should not be more than five degrees, if the person does not hold the heat in the house all the time.

in addition, the doctor said that for some people the device is essential. For example, elderly and suffering from cardiovascular diseases in extreme heat need air conditioning, as hot weather increases the load on the heart.

However, if you follow the rules does not work, Krylov advised to abandon the use of the device.

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