The doctor told me whether COVID-19 to spread through air conditioning and ventilation

a General practitioner Boris Shelepin told the TV channel “Saint-Petersburg”, if the air conditioning unit contribute to the spread of COVID-19. According to him, in the case of coronavirus, the speech can go mainly about ventilation systems.

“There is some evidence that by itself, the conditioning contributed to the accumulation and reproduction of the virus. It is impossible,” believes Shelepin

Specialist cited the example of 1976, when the air conditioners contributed to the spread of legionellosis — a disease like pneumonia. But in the case of coronaviruses, he said, we are talking about ventilation systems.

“There is a whole industry called aerobiologia, which studies the movement of the pathogen out of the air,” added the doctor.

Earlier, the virologist urged to limit the use of air conditioning in offices because of the risk of the spread of coronavirus. Director of the Institute for medical Parasitology, tropical and vector-borne diseases name martynovskogo sechenovskiy University Alexander Lukashev said, citing scientific evidence that air conditioners and fans are able to spread the virus over a distance of several meters, more than the usual observe social distance — 1.5 m.

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