The doctor told me why children can't jump on the bed, standing at the window

In hot weather, when the Windows in the apartments are often open to frequent accidents. Head of the Department of neurosurgery of Children’s hospital No. 1 Alexander Rubin told the TV channel “Saint Petersburg”, how to protect your child from falling out the window.

the Doctor advises not to put near the Windows of the furniture as her child can climb on the window sill. When this mosquito net — not a guarantee of security. “She’s weakly mounted on the window. Even a small child leaning on her hands, rips off the mesh and falls with it,” said ruby.

in addition, the expert noted, the baby should not be allowed to jump on beds or sofas, which cost about the window sill. On Windows it recommends to install additional handles lock with a key, which do not allow the children themselves to open the window.

Rubin said that in his practice for one summer from three to five children fell from the window, go to the hospital. According to the doctor, in all cases, the situation is the same: parents literally looked away for a second and the baby fell. He added that, as a rule, from the window drop kids from three to four years.

the Physician also explained what to do if the troubles still are not able to avoid. Since the drop, usually accompanied by injuries of the spine, the injured child is not allowed to actively move.

“first and foremost, you need to call an ambulance. If not breathing — artificial. When bleeding due to damage to the limb it is necessary to apply a bandage,” — said the doctor.

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