The doctor told me why children suffer from COVID-19, hide from the sun

most children Have a novel coronavirus infection is mild or asymptomatic form. Head physician of Children’s city hospital of St. Olga, Tatiana nachinkina said “Doctor Peter”, children are the hardest to tolerate COVID-19 when to go to the hospital and why ill child need to hide from the sun.

According to the physician, despite the fact that the little patients get sick easier, some need hospitalization, and parents it is helpful to know in what cases it is shown.

“Make the decision to send the child to the hospital should the doctor who will determine the severity of illness and risk of complications. To abandon the proposed hospitalization is not necessary, as deterioration can occur suddenly and progress very quickly. Often the risk of complications can be estimated by the results of studies that cannot be performed as an outpatient,” said nachinkina.

first and foremost, she said, should get alert parents of babies up to a year and adolescents over 15 years. In addition, heavier sick children with chronic diseases.

“Another point of reference for parents — a burdened premorbid background, that is, preceding and contributing to the development of the disease state. It may be endocrine disorders, systemic inflammatory diseases, diseases of the blood congenital malformations of the heart, ENT organs, broncho-pulmonary dysplasia, immunodeficiency, including those caused by therapy, depressing the immune system, malnutrition, manifesting as obesity and malnutrition,” added the medic.

She stressed that anxiety symptoms can be many — shortness of breath, high fever 3-5 days, disturbance of consciousness in the form of weak reactions on others, lethargy.

“If the child appeared in at least one of these symptoms, you need to urgently call a doctor” — sure glabrah

She added that the child had been ill less keep out of the sun. “High doses of ultraviolet light really dangerous, as it can provoke various pathological processes, including cancer, autoimmune diseases. This fully applies to the active tan after infectious diseases, as the immune background of such children have at some time compromised,” — said the doctor.

the medic Also said that the incubation period is usually 5-7 days. Coronavirus usually manifests as fever, intoxication, rhinitis, unproductive cough. Sometimes, the symptoms of gastro-intestinal tract, rarely — rash. Newborns with laboratory-confirmed Coveney infection in 90% of cases there was haemorrhagic colitis. In severe form of the disease there is a lower respiratory tract with hypoxia of different degree, the expressed signs of inflammation on laboratory parameters and hypercoagulation syndrome — a blood clotting disorder.

Earlier, the Ministry of health told as children get sick with coronavirus, and Swedish scientists have called dangerous symptoms, you need to pay attention to.