The doctor warned of the danger of sour cream if you use sunburn

the Doctor Snarskaya Elena called simple tools for getting rid of sunburn.

Professor, Department of skin and venereal diseases named Rakhmanova Institute of clinical medicine Sklifosovsky sechenovskiy University called for the abandonment of sour cream in the treatment of sunburn.

According to her, reports the Agency “Moscow”, this product gives a temporary cooling effect and short-term hydration, and can lead to skin problems because of the “creation of conditions for activation of the coccal flora”.

Specialist advice to solve problems with burns making lotions based on herbal concoctions. Snarskaya also recommends the use of cold aloe Vera juice, decoction of chamomile, calendula, Hypericum, oak bark, and weak black tea. In addition she spoke about the use of lotions of cold sauerkraut or potato pulp.

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