The doctors explained why sleeping with wet hair is dangerous for health

to go to bed with wet hair is impossible. It is harmful to health, warn experts quoted by Cursorinfo.

According to scientists, in the dream the person is motionless and wet scalp supercooled, so the slightest draught in the morning, you can get at least the sniffles.

to Sleep with a wet head is bad for hair — the reason for the cooling is the inflammation of hair follicles, resulting in hair fall, and on the skin appear redness, ulcers and itching. Wet hair have an increased fragility, and in the dream, confused and break off. In addition, the skin of each person may inhabit the fungus Malassezia Furfur, and humidity triggers its reproduction, resulting in dandruff and flaking of the skin.

Finally, the pillow, to accumulate a lot of moisture from wet hair, it becomes the perfect environment for bacteria, fungi and mites that can cause allergic rhinitis and cough.

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