The doctors learned, the holders of which blood group are prone to obesity

people with the second group of blood in the body is dominated by the stress hormone cortisol, dependent on blood pressure, glucose level and immunity.

the Media it II group prone to chronic stress, insomnia and obesity, established doctors who quotes Change.

Also, holders of this blood group probability of cancer anymore — they are more likely to suffer acute leukemia and stomach cancer, add American academics from Ecoinstitut Dana Farber.

Add the blood belong to a particular group of blood depending on the presence on the surface of erythrocytes of certain molecules-antigens, designated A and B. it is Customary to distinguish at least four groups: group a — red blood cells none of these two molecules, group a — only molecules A, group — only and group AB — when there is both antigens A and B. In Russia, blood is traditionally numbered in Roman numerals: group O is denoted as I And as II, B as III and as IV AB.

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