The dog detained in Yekaterinburg protester was sheltered by one of the participants (photo)

the man’s Dog, who was detained at a protest in support of the festival in Yekaterinburg, sheltered by one of the participants of the gathering of citizens. This was reported in the Telegram is a broadcast correspondent for “New Day.”

As reported by Saturday afternoon, several dozen people gathered at the square of 1905, to Express solidarity with disgruntled residents of Khabarovsk who came out today to protest in the 22 th time. The police decided to detain one of the participants, who came to the area with the dog. Citizens tried to prevent the militiamen and even stood in front of the paddy wagon “human shield”, but the man is still taken in the Department. Then the protesters decided to rescue him and Marcia went to the site, chanting various slogans. They are now awaiting the release of the men, about which we only know that his name is Eugene. In place of the present members of the PMC.

the Dog, reported to be sheltered from Yekaterinburg. The fate of the dog can not worry.