The don's stepmother was trying to cut off the little stepson sex organ

In the Rostov region the woman tried to take a seven year old stepson’s penis.

As reported citing its sources, the incident occurred Monday in the village of Popovka in Kasharskiy district of the region.

According to the information portal of Rostov, the 33-year-old woman has seven children, but five senior she was deprived of parental rights, and then had two more in his new marriage. In ponedelnik she got drunk and began to abuse a seven year old stepson because he interfered with her rest. First, she beat the boy and then took a knife and tried to cut off his sexual organ. The child managed to escape. The boy was hospitalized.

In the Rostov office of public Prosecutor has promised to conduct a review to assess the actions of the guardianship.

what article would punish the woman who decides on the results of forensic medical examination of establishment of severity of the acquired injuries.

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