It was ten years ago, but water has flowed under the bridges since then. At a round table held on February 2 of this year, Bradley Cooper was a revelation to say the least, funny to Spike Lee. The latter had refused to hire the actor, at the time still almost unknown, after some tests for a film in which neither the one and the other do seem to remember today.

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This rebuff does not appear to have hurt Bradley Cooper, who recounted, with some humour, this anecdote to Spike Lee, as shown in a video of Kyle Buchanan, a journalist with the New York Times , jumped from astonishment.

“Bradley Cooper was not even Bradley Cooper”

a Few days later, in another interview given to Entertainment Tonight ( AND ), Spike Lee is back on the revelations of Bradley Cooper. “He says that it happened, I believe. But he himself no longer remembers what a movie”, is amused with the filmmaker.

The american film director has tried it, always on the tone of the joke, explaining his apparent lack of discernment: “It was not Bradley Cooper. But hey, you know what? Everything went very well for him. Everything is for the best. My brother Bradley Cooper is doing for the better.”

Spike Lee, nominated six times for Oscars this year, including in the best director category, was also given to AND that “today there is no longer go from hearing” and that his friend Bradley Cooper will no longer have to spend under these terrible forks yoke of that are the trials. This time is long gone: Bradley Cooper and Spike Lee are rivals this year to win the statuette supreme. The first-named defend A Star is Born (eight Oscar nominations including those for best film and best actor), the second Blackkklansman . To see them together one day in the same is it an impossible dream? It may not be. Spike Lee, always optimistic, has opened a door by stating: “Bradley and me, we’re cool. I’d love to work with him, really…”