The economist: Removing unconfirmed savings of Russians will not bring benefits to the state

Money, the legality of which will not be able to prove to the Russians soon will have to confiscate and remit to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation — such amendments intend to make to the Civil and Budget codes. Benefits to the state will bring, as it will have to bear huge costs related to the process of proving the legality of the funds, told the correspondent of “Rosbalt” economist Pavel Usanov.

“It’s a crazy measure. If the state does not have enough money, it is cheaper to increase the tax burden that it is, in principle, already beginning to do, moving to a progressive scale of taxation. Officials will bear the enormous costs associated with the process, because attempts to justify how you got a certain amount of money means a large circulation, a large number of control structures, increasing bureaucracy,” explained the economist.

Pavel Usanov noted that if such a measure will be introduced in Russia will be a shadow market, reminiscent of the structures that today enable travelers report on their trip to the employer.

the Organization will help people to prove that they received income in a legal way to launder money, even if they were not earned by criminal means. The economist is sure that the budget money will no longer go.

“I do not think that this measure is related to the extraordinary problems with the Pension Fund, it’s just another idea of something to take away from people. But of course, I must admit that the FIU, despite the increase in age of retirement, money is really not enough. And in the last 3-4 months there has been a significant reduction in GDP, income of population, it also affects the income of the Fund. Moreover, this problem not only for the Russian pension system,” said Usanov.

the Economist said that similar practice in Russia today is in respect of property acquired on unconfirmed incomes. So, this year FIU first got 21.4 billion rubles for the officials confiscated the estate. Now, however, the scale is completely different.

“If thieving officials could take property large amounts, now we are talking about the selection of the seeds, perhaps even ordinary workers, who receive 10-20 thousand “envelope”. Moreover, the procedure of obtaining these small tools will cost much more,” — said the expert.

Despite the fact that there is no information on the minimum amount that may call into question regulatory bodies, economists believe that the higher amount will be marked, the less the Treasury will ultimately receive.

“If they say it’s a million — we understand that it will be about a narrow circle of persons, who will easily be able to find a way to legalize these revenues, we have today many such tools,” explained Pavel Usanov.

the economist has expressed doubts about the role in this procedure will play banks because they deal only with those that transfer money from one account to another and do not require the client to prove where they got the money.

Recall, we are talking about amendments to articles 46 and 146 of the Budget code of the Russian Federation in terms of clarifying the list of incomes of the budget of the Pension Fund — that the FIU has transferred funds in respect of which there is no evidence of the legality of their receipt. The new rules can enter into force at the end of this year.