The editors of

Journalists “Sheets” made a statement after the sale of the publication and change of ownership. “The circumstances of the transaction leave no doubt that it is due not only to commercial purposes,” — said in the newspaper, quotes Sign.

It expressed concern about “the emergence of shareholder “Vedomosti” in the face of Ivan Eremin — man, steering the Agency “FederalPress”, which, according to the website of public procurement, is actively cooperating with the authorities”. Journalists do not rule out that attempting to “use the sign “Statements” to serve someone’s political and business interests.” In connection with the debts of the newspaper is not excluded that “the deal looks like a manifestation of the unnamed figures behind really official purchasers “Vedomosti” that consider publishing as a tool of influence, not a business,” said the journalists.

They pledged to uphold the principles of the edition, stressing that “do not intend to participate in the destruction of the newspaper and its own reputation.”

He Eremin has not yet formulated the goals and objectives of the company.

Recall, may 29, it was announced that the sale of “Statements” is completed. The purchase was brought by the founder and the General Director of Agency “FederalPress” Ivan Eremin, who was the sole owner of JSC “Support”, which moved to 100% of JSC “BNM”, which publishes “Vedomosti”.

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