Was it the inauguration of the new salle des fêtes of the Elysée palace showcasing the work that have to be transfigured? Before the controversy fierce, which has accompanied this project – perceived as the mark of power away from the French – the president of the Republic and his wife have chosen the discrete method.

The festival hall, before work on April 16, 2018. Charles Platiau/REUTERS

on The 17th of January, and after six weeks of work, the husband went to the meeting of the teams and craftsmen, and to congratulate them for the work done. The ceremony of the wishes to the employees of the Élysée was also held in these renovated spaces, as well as a dinner with the israeli president. It was not until Friday the 1st of February, on the occasion of the great debate with elected representatives from overseas, to the salle des fêtes new version is finally unveiled to the public.

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Measuring 1000 m2, the former ballroom of the palace has left its allure firefighter. The immense carpet of red and gold, as well as curtains with pom-pom have been replaced by textiles in colours beige and grey. The Gobelin tapestries, hanging from chandeliers, are returned in the reserves of the Mobilier national. Instead, “signs” cream color will hang other works.

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The seats have also been redone in the same color. The site had two goals: to put the light in this vast space, which has hosted the inauguration ceremonies of presidents. And replace textiles and a carpet that is worn-out by intensive use: approximately 160 events are held each year, including the big State dinners.

POOL New/REUTERS 90 000 euros of royalties through the store

Carried out under the auspices of the Mobilier national, the site was also wanted by Brigitte Macron, who undertook a redecoration of the Elysée palace, by privileging the installation of works of modern art. The first lady also tackled a renovation of the presidential residences, drawing on the collections of the Mobilier national, the manufacture de Sèvres and the Musée national Picasso. The village hall renovated is intended as “a showcase of French excellence and the business of art”, according to the Elysée.


The restoration of the hall cost € 500,000, of which 350,000 euros supported by the department budget development and conservation of the presidential residences. Sales of by-products (mugs, t-shirts, bags etc) from the shop of the Elysium have also provided support for a portion of the cost of the work. According to the Elysée, with 25 000 products shop, launched during the heritage days in September 2018, were sold. The royalties amounted to € 90 000, in favour of the restoration of the Palace. New products should be offered this year, including a collection of Saint James-Elysee” (sweaters sailors, hats and scarves). And a plush toy of Nemo, the dog, Macron, made by one of the last workshops of France.


The court of Auditors considers that the Hotel of Evreux, built in the Eighteenth century, would require 100 million euros of work over several years. In addition to the upgrading or maintenance of the building, the offices in which employed 200 people are hardly functional. The kitchens, where they come out 92,000 toö meals per year, are awkward. But in spite of this, it is not certain that the presidency of the Republic dares to engage in new work. At least not as long as the movement of the “yellow vests” will last.

VIDEO : the work was launched in November 2018:

the Beginning of the work to the salle des fêtes of the Elysée palace – Watch on Figaro Live