The enterprise Rothenberg found coronavirus

In the enterprise Minudobreniya in Rossosh district of Voronezh region identified 17 infected with coronavirus.

As reported by De Facto, citing the regional government, the cases were identified through testing in the period from 14 to 26 may.

Most people who carry the disease without symptoms.

JSC “fertilizers”, controlled by Arkady Rotenberg is the only manufacturer of mineral fertilizers in Central Chernozem region. Revenue for 2018 has made 33,65 billion rubles., net profit of 5.95 billion.

we will Add that in this region there have been documented outbreaks of enterprises. In particular, contracted 14 employees of confectionery factory “KDV Voronezh”, 40 employees of the Voronezh car-repair plant, and 12 employees of the Center rocket engine (combined mekhzavod and Voronezh kbkha).

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