The entrepreneur on the closure of bars in St. Petersburg: We treat finger that cut off his hand

in St. Petersburg Adopted a bill on the closure of small pubs have a negative impact on the labour market, the gastronomic reputation of the city and the position of businessmen, the Chairman of the Board of NP “Union of small enterprises of St.-Petersburg” Vladimir Menshikov.

the idea of the deputies, he called absolutely untimely and inappropriate, especially during a pandemic when entrepreneurs and already on the verge of ruin. The ban will affect not so much on the “Nalivaiko”, who will sell alcohol under the counter, and honest owners.

“once again, the conditions in order to flourish shadow, illegal market. Conscientious entrepreneurs will leave the business and suffer losses, because those six months, which the legislator gives to the preparation, little will change: not all institutions had to pay off. I only see negative effects and a kind of populism, which does not help combat night sale of alcohol or noise. You need to improve the current mechanisms rather than invent new ones. We treat finger that cut off his hand”, — the expert said in conversation with the correspondent “of Rosbalt”.

read More in the near future in the “Rosbalt”, which will outline the position as bar owners, and the author of the bill Dennis Chetyrbok.

Recall that on July 8, the deputies decided the fate of the drinking establishments of less than 50 square meters, located in residential buildings. 2021 outlets fall under the ban in St. Petersburg. Restaurateurs and many residents opposed the initiative. Some, however, believe the bill is tough enough.

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