The EU authorities about voting for

the European Commission in connection with the emerging results of “a nationwide poll” on amendments to the Constitution called on Moscow to avoid “restrictions on the opposition or a political competition.” Declaration on behalf of the EC was made by her spokesman Peter Stano.

He stressed that “undoubtedly, only the country itself can decide how much time its leader may be at his post.” At the same time, the speaker of the EC noted “the importance of the existence of a system of checks and balances.” The main conditions of the electoral process, the EU official also called it “freedom, integrity and democracy”.

the European Union informed of messages about the violations in the vote and, therefore, urged the Russian government to “thoroughly investigate” these incidents.

amendments to the Constitution, for which the Russians had to vote for the package, provided for the abolition of the previous presidential terms of Vladimir Putin. “For” voted more than 77% of participants of plebiscite “against” a little over 21%. Due to the change of the basic law, Putin was able to stay in power for another two terms — until 2036.

Recall that US authorities have stated concern about reports that Russian authorities allegedly tried to manipulate the election results.

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