The EU has criticized Russia's stance on the Syrian resolution

the Approach of Russia and China to resolutions on Syria is not constructive and causes regret. This was stated by the head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell and EU Commissioner for crisis management Janez Lenarcic, reports “Interfax” with reference to the statement.

According to European officials, it is now Syria need most assistance to pandemic coronavirus, therefore, it is unclear the decision of Russia and China to abstain in the UN Security Council on a resolution to extend for a year cross-border aid to Syria.

Earlier, the UN resolution about supplies of humanitarian aid to Syria was not adopted due to the veto of China and Russia. Russia reportedly submitted to a vote its own draft resolution, which provides only one open border crossing in the next six months. The project was rejected. The permanent representative of Germany to the UN, Christoph Heusgen on the eve said that “Russia sees in the supply limitation of the Syrian sovereignty”. According to him, “Russia is committed to Bashar al-Assad gained control over the entire country.” In response, the Russian representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia said that the West turns humanitarian aid into a tool for the split of the Syrian population.

Russia and China used the Vito in the security council to stop sending the humanitarian assistance and food supplies to the civilians in Syria.
That shows how they even don’t want the people even to have food to survive, and they only believe in the military solution.

— Asaad Hanna (@AsaadHannaa) July 7, 2020

Later, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution to extend for a year cross-border aid to Syria. The project was supported by 12 members of the security Council, three more countries, including Russia, abstained from voting. Delivery will be carried out only through one point on the border with Turkey, “Bab-El-Hawa”.

Regretfully UN resolution on cross border assistance in Syria authorises only 1 crossing point. The EU will continue to provide assistance to those in need inside Syria, even under the current circumstances when the humanitarian space continues to shrink

— Josep Borrell Fontelles (@JosepBorrellF) July 12, 2020

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