The EU proposed to use military force to establish peace in Libya

Brussels and Berlin have to learn the “language of force” to better represent their interests. This was stated by the head of the Munich security conference, the German diplomat Wolfgang Ischinger, reports DW.

According to him, the EU should threaten the use of military means to establish peace in Libya. Berlin has spent a lot of energy to be held in January 2020, the international conference on Libya, but the results was almost zero,” said the diplomat, adding that the important players in Libya, including Russia, Turkey and Egypt largely ignored the calls of Germany and its partners.

They “considered only those who can have a decisive say in military terms,” said Ischinger.

Recall that Moscow has repeatedly accused that in the civil war in Libya, allegedly attended by the Russian mercenaries from PMC Wagner, who on the side of the “Libyan national army” of General Khalifa the Haftarot.

Add the following, from July 1, Germany holds the EU presidency.

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