You will not be able to say that you were not aware. The giant of music streaming, Spotify, has invested in the european elections and launched on Thursday 9 may, the day of the feast of Europe, its new playlist “to Get Voice, Europe!”, “Give your voice Europe!” in French.

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inside? 28 pieces, each performed by a singer member countries of the european Union, including Great Britain, whose future within the coalition is compromise. And if Angela represents the Belgium, it is indeed Aya Nakamura who represented France in the Eurovision streaming through his tube Djadja . The streaming platform also enjoys the contest, which takes place on the 18th of may next, to power its playlist and selected the Italian Mahmood and his song Soldi , as well as the Dutch Duncan Laurence and Arcade . With his initiative, Spotify, whose premises are based in Sweden, allows its users to discover a selection of european artists ranging from Malta’s Ira Losco to the Hungarian group Halott Pénz…

“Let your voice be heard!” Here is the message that Spotify address since may 9, to its users. Spotify “The best artists of the four corners of the european Union”

To get there, nothing more simple. The user of the platform to be subscriber or not, it can be accessed by clicking on the banner ad that appears on their screen with a message: “Let your voice be heard! The european elections are in two weeks. Check out a playlist gathering the best artists of the four corners of the european Union.” Once arrived on the the song selection, the description of this “Best of” redirects users to the official website of the european elections, in order to know, among other things, how and where to vote.

With this initiative, Spotify wants to encourage its users, especially young people, to move in the polls. “We firmly believe that one of the best ways to make your voice heard is to vote,” says the platform for the 100 million-subscriber Premium in the presentation of his project, cited by the Huffington Post .

personalities undertake

on The side of the activists, a few celebrities have also given their voice, like Josiane Balasko, who has chosen to give his vote to the communist party. In an article published in the journal Humanity , on may 7, the actress of Splendid has incited citizens to go to the polls on may 26, and revealed that he had chosen the candidate, Ian Brossat.

In contrast, Aurélien Enthoven, the son of the singer Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and journalist Raphael Enthoven, is committed to the sides of the UPR François Asselineau. Regarding the actresses Juliette Binoche and Emmanuel Beart, nothing indicates that they are engaged with the Yellow vests represented by the Alliance yellow of Francis Lalanne or even of the Evolution citizen of Christophe Chalençon.