With nearly 150 appointments, the year 2019 will be a busy one for fans of Johnny Hallyday. With two dates carved in the marble: June 15 where the rocker would have blown his 76 candles and the 5 December , the second anniversary of her disappearance. Here is a selection:

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1. Appointments judicial

If a few fans are expected in Los Angeles, the January 22 where the californian justice must authorize, or not, Laeticia Hallyday to switch the seventeen assets of Johnny Hallyday in its trusts, the tribunal de grande instance de Nanterre, prepares, on the contrary, the madness of the “great days” for the march 29, at 13: 30 . On this day, the French justice will have to decide if Johnny Hallyday had the right or not to disinherit his four children for the sole benefit of his wife Laeticia in writing a will in california.

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2. The masses at the Madeleine

the Face of the huge success of the masses-a tribute to Johnny Hallyday organized each month in 2018 in his parish, father Bruno Horaist has promised the fans to continue by 2019. “I’ve already booked all 9 of the month in my notebook”, he smiles. Next appointment to sing all together I love you at the sound of the organ, the January 9 . The opportunity also to write a small word in books of gold in the Nave of the Madeleine and to offer the new book of postcards souvenir sold at 5 euros.

3. The concerts of the look-alikes

After a year 2018 exceptionally busy, the singers who sell to municipalities, companies and private individuals, concerts, special Johnny Hallyday will again be on the roads. Close family Boudou and Marcel Campion, Richy still hope to be able to raise a little the foot. For the moment, he has not accepted that thirty dates compared to 200 in 2018. “It was too much. Suddenly, I was in Britain, the next day in Alsace. Gold sing Johnny, this is not Carla Bruni, ” he explains in vivid of laughter thunderous. I have to take care of my vocal cords. It is not only money in life. I assure to one last private party in the Camargue, on the 30th of December and then I rest in January to do réattaquer that in February.”


Its rival, Chris Evans who has sung at two big tributes organised by the fans at the Madeleine in June and in December last year, was already sixty dates in his schedule. One of the first will be in Boulogne-sur-Mer, march 1 . The bikers of the fan-club Opal Coast is hosting a weekend in tribute to Johnny. “The concert of Chris Evans will be open to all and will seat up to 900 people,” explains Francis Lequeutre, the boss of this fan-club, which has 200 members. Chris Evans has just released a CD of The tribute to Johnny with twelve times the rocker accompanied by an organ ( Living for the best, Behind the Love, Marie, The Desire …) sold on its site chrisevans.fr is also preparing a tour of the churches.

With these dates, it is necessary to add the projects of the double voice Jean-Baptiste Guegan , a breton of 35 years who has just won France has an incredible talent on M6 in singing envy and Marie . His album which should be recorded in Nashville, is expected by the end of 2019. By then, it will be on the scene in the medium-sized rooms such as the February 24 Villars-sur-Ollon and the April 5 at the casino of Saint Armand Waters. In the fall, with the promotion of his album, he will have a cape. This time, Jean-Baptiste Guegan is programmed in no less than six Highest: 5 October, it is expected to Orleans, October 6, in Lille, on the 12th of October in Tours, france, October 13, Caen, france, November 16, at Nancy, and on the 17th of November in Dijon, france. Other dates are already announced in 2020, of which the Seine Musical in Paris, on 19 January.

Meeting with the double vocal of Johnny Hallyday – Watching on Figaro Live

4. Commemorations of the fan club official

Directed by Rémi Bouet, Limited Access, the fan-club owned by Johnny Hallyday, a dream to organise a party for its members on 15 June, the day of the anniversary of the rocker, Vernouillet in les Yvelines (78). Nothing official for the moment but “we very much want to celebrate the June 15, with a tribute to the height of our dear Johnny Hallyday” writes Rémi Bouet. According to our information, the organizers to consider a concert of Chris Evans in the room with light and sounds of The Scene in Vernouillet.

5. Cruises

Installed in Aubagne near Marseille, Yves Bergauzy, CEO of the Club of Cruise lines specializes in theme cruises. After hits such as cruises Mike Brant and Claude François, he has put on sale two cruises Johnny Hallyday to 2019. “I reserve a lot of cabins negotiated group rates with MSC and Costa, and then I get my tray art, I reserve the lounges and entertainment venues on the ship and finally, I publish a diary filed each day in the cabins of our group”, he explains in Figaro.

The MSC Preziosa as high as a building of 23 floors, will sail in the Caribbean from Fort-de-France between the 23 and march 31, . According to the spokesperson of MCS, “it is not a cruise tribute to Johnny Hallyday, but only on an organised tour during the stop at Saint-Martin” but Yves Bergauzy has christened, “the cruise remember Johnny Saint Barth”. The program boils down to a free day to discover the island where the rocker has several properties, and where he wished to be buried, in the cemetery of Lorient. On the way, one discovers that in order to meditate on the grave of Johnny Hallyday, you need to be fast: “Every fan is entitled to only twenty minutes! It is an organization set up by the city hall and the direction of the cemetery, ” explains Yves Bergauzy. It is absolutely necessary quotas to avoid bottlenecks.” This past December, thirty fans are on this cruise. From 1550 euros per person.

Cruise tribute to Johnny

From 13 to 18 September. , it is in the Mediterranean aboard the Costa Magica departing from Marseille as it is happening. This time, Yves Bergauzy has assembled a tray of artists that every day will offer an animation of Johnny Hallyday. To the poster: the art directors and authors-composers Pierre Billon, and Jean Fox to 85 years ( I love you, Maritza, Irresistiblement, I have a problem …), the singer Vigon, who assured the first parts of the tour Johnny Circus in 1972, the impersonator Gérald Dahan as “you’ve got to laugh a little,” said Yves Bergauzy and finally Richy, famous look-alike voice of a rocker will the final evening with its orchestra and its choir. “In addition to the lectures and concerts, they will tell anecdotes of her life with Johnny Hallyday,” adds Yves Bergauzy which has already sold this cruise at about a hundred fans. From 690 € per person.

6. Inauguration of a statue in Paris

there are Several statues in tribute to Johnny Hallyday at the initiative of relatives, such as Jean-Jacques Debout are being considered in Paris. The square of the Trinity in the ninth arrondissement, where Johnny Hallyday loved slumming with Eddy Mitchell is the place praised by the fans. If the funds are met and that the organisers get the agreement of the town council but also that of Laeticia Hallyday, David Hallyday and Laura Smet, the inauguration could take place on June 15 , the day on which the rocker would have blown his 76 candles.

7. Idol of the young Casino de Paris

For this show the shows at the Casino de Paris December 18, 2019 at 4 January 2020, the producers have played the caution. The name of Johnny Hallyday, which is a registered trademark, does not appear on the poster. The title, The Idol of the young , is that of one of his songs. The ticket office is open (from 18 euros standing at 79 euros a square gold). To note that a trial is expected on February 12 in Metz to settle a dispute, as a result of the bankruptcy filing of one of the producers of the show.