The business of legacies not only concern the Hallyday. A week after the 8th anniversary of the death of Amy Winehouse, who passed away on July 23, 2011, her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil has put in crops the family of the singer by claiming a good part of the inheritance: more than one million pounds (about 1.1 million euros). The statement is even less well received by the family that Blake Fielder-Civil has admitted to having driven the queen of the soul in the drug.

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The reason? It is thought to have been for six years a major source of inspiration in the writing of several songs, including the famous Back in black, , which has propelled the singer to stardom. The request is deemed inappropriate by the entourage of Amy Winehouse, who after The Sun had revealed that the man, now 37-year-old had already widely benefited from the fortune of the artist when they were together. “He has spent a good part of their married life in prison, bringing nothing other than the sentence. Give him a penny more would be too much”, to have told a source close to the family. Blake Fielder-Civil is not, however, willing to give up so easily. His lawyers claim that his request is legitimate and the case could continue in court.

Married from 2007 to 2009, the couple often make the news. Violence, drugs and alcohol, or a cocktail that is harmful that will because of their relationship and, indirectly, the life of the young woman. Entry in the infamous “club 27”, which brings together several music stars died at 27 years of age (Morrison, Cobain, Joplin, Hendrix), Amy Winehouse will be at the center of a tour as a hologram the end of 2019. A process that is already used to bring back to life artists such as Tupac Shakur, or Maria Callas.